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Experience the dark side of water!

Description: blk. is an all-natural alkaline water infused with the goodness of Fulvic minerals.

Taste: blk. tastes like regular water

The Smooth Black Colour:

blk. instils its black colour naturally without any artificial dyes or colourings due to the addition of Fulvic Acid

Defy Expectations with blk. water’s Natural Benefits

blk. is a power-pack of robust organic antioxidants, immunising agents, and trace minerals. It is believed to naturally balance the pH of the body and fortify the immune system. A ferocious source of hydration, blk. contains electrolytes that help one recover from arduous activities including work out. blk. water not only effectively helps in weight loss, but owing to its alkaline nature, it also prevents the growth of cancer cells. This dark side of the water, owing to its natural benefits is sure to defy expectations!