About Us

IRIIS Food envisions itself as the ultimate online purveyor of world-renowned consumables in India. With a diverse portfolio of products that includes premium food items, healthy snacking alternatives, authentic delicacies, exotic teas, and high-end beverages at extremely competitive prices.

IRIIS Food is the definitive online destination for food enthusiasts. Having partnered with some of the biggest players in the international food and beverage markets, IRIIS Food is the exclusive distributor in India for some of the world's biggest brands. IRIIS Food sources its products directly from partner brands or its authorised resellers to ensure complete authenticity and safety of its consumers.



With degrees in Marketing, Hospitality & Tourism as well as Food & Beverages from world-renowned universities - Les Roches International School of Hotel Management & England's Coventry University, Dikshit has received an extensive education in virtually every corporate field.

Additionally, the international exposure acquainted him with various cultures and communities from across the world. Thereafter, years of working with prominent international & domestic enterprises and domestic enterprises in the hospitality sector further developed his acuity for business, trade, & commerce. Thus, Dikshit maintains that every bit of his multifaceted experience has been instrumental & indispensable in the conception of IRIIS Trading.

Through IRIIS, Dikshit wants to actively participate in the global trade ecosystem, and bring the benefits of world class products to India and vice-versa.